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    Makeup and Your Eye Health

    Makeup and Your Eye Health

    While mascara and other eye makeup may help make your eyes pop, it can also cause some unexpected problems for your eyes and vision. Eye makeup is generally safe for your eyes as long as you use it properly. Overtime, gunk and bacteria can develop which can then transfer to your eyes upon application. If makeup is part of your daily routine, you may want to keep these tips from our doctors in mind to minimize your eyes’ exposure to bacteria not only keeping them pretty but healthy too.

    Replace old eye makeup

    Toss eye makeup every three months. Bacteria easily grow in creamy or liquid eye makeup and the longer you have that makeup, the more likely it is the bacteria will transfer to your eyes. This can cause a potential infection. If you do develop an eye infection, throw away all eye makeup so you don’t reinfect the eye after treatment.

    Store eye makeup properly

    Eye makeup should be stored at 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This means never keep your makeup in your car or a hot, steamy bathroom. Bacteria is more likely to grow in moist, hot settings so making sure you store your makeup properly will decrease the chances of bacteria growing more quickly.

    Only use eye makeup for your eyes

    While there are some cosmetics out there that can be used for multiple areas of application, it’s not a good idea. Only use eye makeup for your eyes. Using a pencil or other makeup for both your lips and eyes can introduce bacteria to your eyes that shouldn’t be there, increasing your chance for infection.

    Apply eye makeup properly

    Proper application of eye makeup can help avoid injury and infection to your eyes. Always remember to:

    • Never put on makeup while driving or riding in a car
    • Always wash your hands and makeup applicators before applying makeup
    • Skip eye makeup if your eyes are irritated or infected
    • Avoid metallic, glittery or shiny makeup as it can contain ingredients that could scratch your eye
    • Don’t use eyeliner on the inner eyelids as it can allow makeup to get in your eyes and cause infection

    Always remove eye makeup before bed

    If you don’t remove eye makeup before bed, it cannot only get in your eyes causing irritation but it can also cause your eyes to become dry. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging on how to properly remove the makeup. If using makeup remover, make sure you don’t get it in your eyes and rinse the remover from your eyelids. Also, remember to always be gentle when removing makeup since the area around your eyes is sensitive.

    NEVER share eye makeup

    Sharing makeup allows bacteria to easily be transferred from one person to another increasing your chances of eye infection. This includes using makeup samples at stores. Always use a new, fresh applicator to avoid cross-contamination. Although the safest way to avoid contamination and potential infection is to not share cosmetics at all.

    If you are experiencing irritated eyes or an infection due to eye makeup, contact us today at (201) 384-7333 to schedule an eye exam immediately.

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